songs like high-country rivers; pure, rippling, and flecked with gold.

With favourably raucous and precious moments, Marin Patenaude deftly stitches together an urban edge with the waving grasses of country folk. Layered, living and inspirited by wildness, Marin’s voice is strong. A purity in her lyrics pairs with the complexity of her composition, demonstrating poetic restraint and focus.  With the 2016 release of her debut album, the self-titled Marin Patenaude and the Follow Through, years of practice are distilled into a potent potion of ‘Confessional Folk’. The Follow Through features Cole Schmidt, Pete Schmitt, and Skye Brooks of Vancouver, often joined buy other local treasures in the jazz/country/folk world of big feelings and risk taking including Peggy Lee and Scott Smith. 

Raised in rural Horsefly BC, Marin’s musical acumen is a family affair. She is the younger sister of Juno-award winning Pharis Romero (Pharis and Jason Romero), and was raised on harmony and sawdust in a family band of Folk and Country. It was as sweet as it sounds, and it set up all four children with a life long relationship to music. Extensive vocal training through the Royal Conservatory of Music and the Capilano College’s Jazz program led to a nationally accredited voice and a style that through phrasing and melody is clearly her own. She’s an accomplished piano player and plays an old guitar like a long lost lover and can find and sing the harmony in anything. Being regarded as a hobby and something unrealistic, Marin didn’t pursue a career in music until 2015 when she returned to Vancouver and formed The Follow Through and recorded her debut album

Marin’s love of nature, magic and the human condition transform under skillful charm.  Landscapes of her youth saturate songs like No Sleeping it Off and Take You By Surprise, while the tensions of woe and letting go are found in The Dark and Go Home; structure and form that contain genuine vulnerability. It’s truth and transcendence like an honest drink.

Influenced by Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt and Tori Amos, Marin’s affinity with these artists alludes to the full, rich quality of her voice and her compositions.


“It’s a rarity to find an artist who is just as comfortable in the green fields of country/roots as they are in the smoky city backrooms of jazz and soul” – Michael Brennan (Ride The Tempo)

“Her songs were so pure and deep. Her voice, otherworldly. She was really absorbed in the music and so was I. She got me good.”  - Ben Arsenault (Real Ponchos) Georgia Straight

“Sinuously seductive earworms to bleakly heartbroken balladry” , “a vocalist with genuine star power”– Alex Varty (Georgia Straight)